Terms & Conditions

When hiring a bike from us you will need to sign a Hire Agreement and by doing so you agree to the following Terms and Conditions of Hire:

1. Ownership

  • All ‘equipment’ (cycles, locks and helmets) are the property of GogCogs and will remain so throughout the ‘hire period’ (start of hire until the‘equipment’ is returned). GogCogs reserves the right not to hire its ‘equipment’.

2. Responsibilities of ‘The Hiree’ (the person hiring)

  • ‘The Hiree’ must inspect all ‘equipment’ issued as part of the Hire Agreement for any damage or defects. Any damage or defects should be noted on the Hire Agreement. By signing the Hire Agreement ‘The Hiree’ agrees that the ‘equipment’ is in a ‘satisfactory condition’ for hire.
  • ‘The Hiree’ understands that cycling involves an element of risk. ‘The Hiree’ agrees that the use of the ‘equipment’ is at the risk of ‘The Hiree’ and anyone in their ‘party’ (those for which ‘The Hiree’ has hired ‘equipment’ for). By signing the Hire Agreement, ‘The Hiree’ accepts that GogCogs is not liable for personal injury, accident or death to either ‘The Hiree’, their ‘party’, or any other third party during the ‘hire period’. ‘The Hiree’ also accepts that GogCogs is not liable for any damage to property during the ‘hire period’. Personal insurance is not included in the hire cost. We therefore recommend that you take out personal insurance to cover your liability.
  • ‘The Hiree’ will be held financially liable for any loss or damage to the ‘equipment’ whilst in their possession. The theft of a bicycle during the ‘hire period’ will be the responsibility of ‘The Hiree’ and will be subject to a £200 charge to cover the replacement of the bicycle and its accessories.

3. Proof of Identification

  • On the day of hire ‘The Hiree’ must present proof of identification, which must include ‘The Hiree’s’ address (such as a Photo ID Driving Licence or recent utility bill).

4. Security Deposit

  • A Security Deposit is required to ensure the ‘equipment’ are returned in a ‘satisfactory condition’ (i.e. the condition at the commencement of hire). The Security Deposit can be made using the following:
    • Option 1 -£100 per cycle deposit, either in cash or as a debit/card payment. The deposit will be refunded on return of the ‘equipment’ in a ‘satisfactory condition’. Please note for debit/credit cards the speed of refund is dependent on the card issuer and could take around 3 working days.
    • Option 2 -A form of photo identification, such as a Photo Driving Licence or Passport and also debit or credit card details (card number and last 3 digits of security number). These will be stored by GogCogs for the duration of the hire and will be returned to ‘the Hiree’ on return of the ‘equipment’ in a ‘satisfactory condition’.
  • If the ‘equipment’ is not returned in a ‘satisfactory condition’, GogCogs reserves the right to either retain all or part of the deposit (under Option 1) or charge the debit/credit card (under Option 2) with the cost of replacement or damage to the ‘equipment’.

5. Refunds

  • ‘The Hiree’ understands that refunds are only given if GogGogs cannot restore the journey or allow extra time to complete the ‘hire period’. Refunds cannot be given for punctured tyres or damage caused to the ‘equipment’ for incorrect use.

6. Security and Safety

  • ‘The Hiree’ confirms that they and their ‘party’ recognise they will be riding cycles which they may not be familiar with and as such will exercise additional care and attention.
  • ‘The Hiree’ understands that they are responsible for the security of all ‘equipment’ hired. Therefore whenever unattended, cycles should be locked, using the lock provided, to a fixed object through the frame and front wheel.
  • Helmets are included in the hire cost. We strongly recommend ‘The Hiree’ and everyone in their ‘party’ wears a helmet whilst cycling. However by not wearing a helmet ‘The Hiree’ assumes full responsibility for any accident, injury or death as a consequence of not wearing a helmet.
    Children under 17 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Use of the ‘equipment’ is not permitted if ‘The Hiree’ or a member of ‘the party’ is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or solvents. GogGogs reserves the right to confiscate the ‘equipment’ if this occurs, without refund of the hire fee.

7. Cycling Manner

  • ‘The Hiree’ and the ‘party’ agree to cycle sensibly, with respect for others and the natural environment. You are also expected to follow the Highway Code.
    GogCogs’ bikes are suitable for use on roads and cycle paths. ‘The Hiree’ agrees not to use them for off-roading, steep descents, jumping or other specialist activities.
  • You also agree to use the bike safely, with due care and attention to other road or cycle path users. On shared walkways and the seafront, pedestrians have priority at all times.Riding bikes on the beach or in the sea is prohibited. Anyone found to have done this will be liable for a replacement bike charge of £200.

8. Late Returns

  • If you return the ‘equipment after your ‘return time’, we reserve the right to charge £2 per bike for every half an hour after the ‘return time’.

9. Bookings

  • GogCogs will have no liability if we are unable to fulfil a booking and we will refund any payment in this case. Bookings can be cancelled without charge within 72 hours of the ‘hire period’. However if a booking is cancelled within 72 hours, GogCogs reserves the right to retain 50% of the fee charged for the hire.

This Agreement is covered by English Law. In the event that any part of the Agreement is for any reason unenforceable the remainder shall remain in full force and effect.